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Curriculum Compliance Assessment and Development (C-CAD) Programs

How do you ensure that your training programs can adequately withstand regulatory scrutiny? Reviews of FDA 483s and warning letters indicate that the most frequently issued process deficiencies include areas that can be easily addressed with focused training programs.

Moving beyond your individual training course needs, Barnett’s teams of training consultants and subject matter experts work with your training departments or functional areas to develop exciting and interactive curriculum plans for your employees that combine compliance, job skills, and leadership development training. Services include:

Curriculum Gap Analysis
Barnett works with you to identify how well your training programs are "hitting the mark", by performing a detailed assessment of the current curriculum in place and how well it addresses skill set and training requirements.

Assessment Services
Role-based training assessments and exams can be developed for your group that are specifically tailored to the key requirements of employee job functions as well as areas requiring further skills and competency assessment.

Curriculum Development
Barnett can work with you to define a model curriculum plan for each job type, including best training platform recommendations, how to integrate technical and leadership training, and frequency of training necessary, while pointing you to available external training resources.

Employee Satisfaction Surveying
Barnett can help you to better understand how well your current programs are hitting the mark and measure employee perception regarding how well you are addressing their training needs.

Employee Communications and Logistics Services
Barnett can help you to get the word out and generate enthusiasm about your in-house training initiatives through communications planning programs. Logistical services including scheduling, production services, and meetings management services are also available.

Let Barnett leverage our training experience and resources for your employees. To learn more and to receive a sample curriculum, contact Naila Ganatra at (215) 413-2471.

More detailed information contact:
Naila Ganatra, General Manager, Barnett International
Telephone: (215) 413-2471


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