PAREXEL's Bio/Pharma R&D Statistical Sourcebook 2012/2013 



PAREXEL Biopharmaceutical Parexel Biopharmaceutical Statistical Sourcebook 2012-2013 (eStats)

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The PAREXEL Biopharmaceutical R&D Statistical Sourcebook 2012/2013 is the leading resource for statistics, trends, and proprietary market intelligence and analysis on the biopharmaceutical industry. Supported by thousands of graphs, illustrations, and analysis, the Sourcebook provides the latest market intelligence on every aspect of biopharmaceutical development – from product discovery, to R&D performance and productivity, to time-to-market trends.

With key analysis and contributions from leading consultancies and experts, the Sourcebook provides real-world data and analysis, including:

  • A record number of all-new metrics on drug development costs and complexity
  • New proprietary analyses on US clinical trial starts, segmented by therapeutic category, as well as overall active clinical trials
  • Emerging data on worldwide and company-specific R&D pipelines, strategies, and product launch trends
  • New analyses on emerging trends in pharma and biotech licensing deals and other partnerships critical to industry's efforts
  • Drug approval statistics compiled from FDA, EMEA, and other regulatory agencies
  • New global R&D spending trends and other international R&D data from key markets
  • International statistics on drug development output
  • And much more!

Plus, NEW in the 2012/2013 edition: 

  • An all-new 2012 analysis on the current share of clinical trial spending by region for 2011
  • All-new studies on the emerging clinical trial markets in India, China, Korea, Canada, and dozens of other key markets and regions
  • All-new analyses and actual/projected metrics on the biosimilars market
  • A series of new "dashboards" on costs by phase of development, R&D attrition rates, product development times, and other areas
  • Forecasting models on biopharma sales, R&D spending, the pharma/biotech markets, and other meaningful industry metrics

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 The PAREXEL Biopharmaceutical R&D Statistical Sourcebook 2012/2013 is a must-have resource for the drug development industry. It is an invaluable resource for executives and managers working in the pharma and biotech industries. The Sourcebook puts real-world data sets at your fingertips for presentations, reports, business development efforts, strategic meetings, and critical decision-making analyses. 

The 2012/2013 edition is offered in electronic format for individual users, small groups, business units, or for company-wide access. For the hardcopy version, please click here.  

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 "This is an incredibly useful and reliable resource for anyone connected to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries: marketers, financial planners, investors, or researchers."-Judy Blaine, Librarian, ArQule, Inc., Business Information Alert