Volume 1-An Overview of Drug Development




CRA Training Series: Volume 1 - An Overview of Drug Development 2013

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 An Overview of Drug Development is written to introduce new CRAs to the drug development process, while contextualizing it to the role of the CRA. Included are important terms and acronyms encountered by CRAs, as well as what happens before and after a clinical study. This highly engaging manual also includes exercises allowing the reader to apply their new knowledge to their real-world work environment. 

This manual is both a stand-alone reference and an introduction to The Self-Instructional CRA Training Series of manuals. As a reference, An Overview of Drug Development provides an annotated bibliography as a reference for additional reading and educational materials. Each entry to the bibliography is annotated with critical summaries to help you decide which references to explore. 

Each volume can be purchased separately or the full 7-book series can be purchased for $599. Publications in this set include:



“Excellent preparation for a CRA career and also useful for study managers, investigators, and study coordinators who want to work more effectively with CRAs."

Norman M. Goldfarb, Managing Director, First Clinical Research LLC