Strategies for Conducting Vendor Audits April 2015

Apr 3, 2015
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Course Description

Regulatory agencies hold companies accountable for delivering high quality products that meet all established requirements and specifications. Vendors play a key role in accomplishing these mandates and it is the sponsor’s responsibility to ensure their vendors meet all regulatory specifications for the supplied materials, equipment, and/or services. During this web seminar, we will discuss types of vendor audits, various methods/media to conduct vendor audits, planning for the audit, and follow-up to vendor audits.

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Learning Objectives

  • Describe the various types of vendors that might be audited
  • Discuss types of vendor audits
  • Implement processes that can be used for selection, audit, approval, and qualification of vendors based on the material/equipment/service being delivered
  • Explore methods and tools that can be used to accomplish a vendor audit
  • Discuss the importance of and methods for follow-up to vendor audits

Who Should Attend

  • Quality Assurance Professionals
  • Personnel responsible for vendor management and oversight


The course will be led by one of the following instructors:

Treena Jackson, M.S., C.Q.A, R.A.C, C.S.S.G.

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