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Customized eLearning Solutions

Does your department have critical training needs that need constant reinforcement? Barnett’s customized eLearning development services allow you to train large groups of employees in a consistent and cost-effective manner. Designed as self-paced modules, Barnett’s eLearning programs offer highly interactive, fun and engaging learning experiences for your teams.

Content Development Expertise
Let Barnett leverage our large base of subject matter experts for your eLearning projects. Our average content developer has over 15 years of hands-on industry experience in their specialty areas, including deep expertise and proven abilities in instructional design.

Best Instructional Design Practices
Barnett understands that strong training programs start with clearly defined goals and objectives and are rooted in best instructional design practices. Our research-based methodology and our years of training experience are used to design high-impact eLearning courses that are specially geared toward adult learners.

Highly Interactive Features
Using a variety of interactive features including simulations, videos, games, worksheets and interactive exercises, Barnett’s modules include a high level of interactivity that is engaging and memorable for participants.

Cost Effective and Efficient 
Barnett’s eLearning services eliminate the need for travel, travel expenses, and time away from the office! Modules are designed as self-paced sessions that can be completed when convenient for employees.

Compatible Platform 
Barnett’s platform is compatible with virtually any SCORM or AICC compliant LMS or LCMS. The platform allows for numerous interactive features and offers high flexibility.

Advanced Testing Options
Barnett’s testing formats include dozens of possibilities for how questions can be positioned and displayed. Test scoring is highly flexible, adaptable, and supports tests and quizzes that are fun, memorable and reinforce learning concepts.

Learn more about Barnett’s eLearning services and view our product demos.

For more information, please contact:

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General Manager
Barnett International
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