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CRA Training Series: Volume 7 - Test Your CRA Knowledge (2018)


CRA Training Series: Volume 7 - Test Your CRA Knowledge

The seventh volume of the 7-part Barnett Clinical Research Associate (CRA) Training Series (2018) and updated to include ICH GCP E6 R2, Test Your CRA Knowledge is a series of questions and answers designed to test your knowledge of the information presented in the six volumes of The Self-Study CRA Training Series. The questions were developed from the volumes with the assumption that you possess some basic knowledge of clinical research. You are given an opportunity to assess your strengths and weakness by comparing your answers in the first section to the answers presented in the second section. You may use this manual in several ways. Used as a pre-test before reading the other manuals in the series, your performance in answering the questions may indicate areas of strength and weakness in your knowledge of the roles and responsibilities of the Clinical Research Associate (CRA). Based on your score, you may wish to review the volumes on those subject areas in which your performance was less than desired or expected. You may also use this manual as a post-test to verify your retention of the material presented in the six self-study volumes.

Each volume can be purchased separately or the full 7-volume series can be purchased for $599.

Publications in this set include:


  • Volume 1: An Overview of Drug Development
  • Volume 2: Identifying and Screening Investigators
  • Volume 3: Conducting the Prestudy Visit
  • Volume 4: Conducting the Study Initiation Visits
  • Volume 5: Conducting Routine Monitoring Visits
  • Volume 6: The CRA's Reference for Adverse Events
  • Volume 7: Test Your CRA Knowledge
“Excellent preparation for a CRA career and also useful for study managers, investigators, and study coordinators who want to work more effectively with CRAs."
- Norman M. Goldfarb, Managing Director, First Clinical Research LLC

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